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Imperial Tobacco Group

A no-nonsense corporate design with clear content, simple navigation and a bold, assertive visual design.


In 2007, we created a new corporate web site for Imperial Tobacco Group. Imperial Tobacco Group's reputation is based on a plain-talking, no-fuss, no-frills approach, which our design strategy had to reflect. We followed the principle of What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get creating clear content, simple navigation and a bold, assertive design.

Our team also provided a range of practical site tools – including RSS feeds, an interactive financial calendar and share price charting tools – as well as profiles of ITG's brands and the regions it operates in.

The current website still follows the original design approach: Visit the site.


Annual Reports 2006-10

After the redesign of the corporate site we recreated the same no-frills approach for the company’s subsequent annual reports. The reports include online features and tools to enhance the user experience. Readers can easily select the level of detail they see, and the investor resources tool provides quick links to PDF downloads and relevant investor or shareholder information in the corporate web site. Features incorporated into the report include print basket functionality, a searchable glossary and a downloads tool. The report also features an online survey to encourage feedback and help ensure future reports can continue to meet the needs of investors.


Online guidelines and brand management

We created a brand management portal for Imperial Tobacco Group to support the company's online development across the world. The portal shares resources – including a brand overview, guidelines, images and sample templates – to enable ITG to build consistent web sites across its main markets.