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Investor Relations Society

The Investor Relations Society is Europe’s leading professional body for IR practitioners wanted a website that reflects its new design identity and underlines its status.

A new IRS

When the Investor Relations Society underwent a redesign of their corporate identity their website redesign was part of the program. The redesign incorporates the new logo and colour palette, while purposeful images and a more structured navigation menu communicate a professional, energetic organisation.


The new colour palette for IRS had been provided to us in the process and was matched to RGB.


Colour coding

Colour coding of the various sections of the site was debated extensively both internally and with the client. The scale of the site did not require labelling each section by colour, and would perhaps even lead to disorientation for users. Eventually we decided on colour coding and subsequently even included the logo into it!


London landmarks

The photo concept was based on popular London landmarks. The Black and White photos in conjunction with the accent colours and the white page background made for a great mix.

IRS_skyline IRS_banners