Rexam is one of the world's top five consumer packaging groups and the world's leading beverage can maker. Rexam's site visualises the brand concept of 'shaping experience' without being overly flashy or literal.

The brand story behind the packaging

Rexam, one of the world's largest packaging companies was looking for a coherent new design approach and brand personality online. Our strategy and design team at The Group developed a clear online brand – 'shaping experience' – to differentiate Rexam from its competitors and peers. Architecture, design, images and content bring the brand to life – making explicit the leading role Rexam plays in shaping consumers' experiences of brands.

The design is crisp and distinctive, with shape and colour conveying a strong sense of interaction, lightness and movement. Animated case studies explain the packaging process, revealing insights into Rexam's collaboration with its customers, and its passion for packaging.

In 2013 Rexam rebuildt their site using a responsive design, again selecting The Group as their partners.

Visit new the (2013)

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Rexam Fusion – Animated Product websites

We created a number of product websites showing the the role of innovation and technology in Rexam's work process. The Rexam 'Curve' – their distinct design element – appeared animated using Flash, a wider range of colours was used to create vibrancy and brand appeal.