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SHCA stands for Swanke Hayden Connell Architects, an international design firm specialising in Interior Design and Strategic Facilities Planning, Architecture and Master Planning as well as Historic Preservation. The site concept and design reflect the company’s transparent and non-hierarchical working culture where collaboration and team work are seen as vital.

Reviewing the logo

Early in the design phase I reworked the company logo. The new logo continues the condensed type mark and black bar element, however has now been scaled up for greater prominence.


Colour and type

Black and Green, plus ample white space suggest a fresh and contemporary approach to architecture and sustainability principles, which the client heavily endorses in their work. The site's typography uses Georgia, a serif font, which feels soft and human. It creates a great contrast to the condensed and 'colder' appearance of the logo mark.

Colour adjustments to the orginal corporate green further lifted the design.



Stream of news

The homepage features a stream of press releases, current projects and feeds from both blogs and the company's social channels.


Project archive

At the heart of the site is a project archive. Projects are profiled in detail on their own dedicated profile page. This page is highly modular and holds a wide range of contents: early sketches, 3D renderings, photos, video commentary, related blog articles and press releases.

The vast number of projects – SHCA's architectural works date back as far as 1906 – required a powerful search facility. A comfortable filter functionality allows users to find a project easily.



News and offices

The page grid for the site is very versatile. It allowed me to create a number of different layouts, such as the News page and Office page.