With an ever growing market of electric cars our attitude towards the subject are slowly changing. The idea of driving an e-car doesn’t seem too far fetched for many of us. Just how will switching to electric affect our everyday life, our finances? How much does it really benefit our environment after all?

EON’s eMobility Coach is a web app aimed at people who were keen to find out. EON gave us 100 days to launch a pilot to test viability and market fit. Our team 15 people delivered UX, design, implementation and several rounds of user testing and eventually launched in the Danish market. Since then the app saw ongoing updates, extensions and adaptations for other markets in the Continuous Delivery Model. eMobility Coach awakens curiosity and helps you make the right decision for switching to an eCar with greater ease.


  • UX-/Design principles
  • Website Design
  • UI-Design